Saturday, 21 February 2009


granny took the train to cornwall, and stayed with us for a week.

we had so much fun that i forgot to take any photographs, despite having my camera with me at all times.

we found treasure on the beach, visited the moors, made garden ornaments and played so hard, that we were so tired, we fell out of our bed and didn't even wake up.

thank you for such a lovely time mum, it was great to see you.

Ambika x

Monday, 16 February 2009

fiep westendorp

last week i found some great puzzles in a local charity shop. first of all these little cubes that came in their own wooden box and make up six different scenes.

then a few days later i found this puzzle in the same shop. they are all by the danish illustrator fiep westendorp. i really think she captures the essence of toddlers in her sweet pictures. they are unbearably cute!

see you soon,

Thursday, 5 February 2009

the hurlers

i should really be doing this post about the amazing amounts of snow which have, not only engulfed our small island, but made it slide to a standstill. the problem is we are feeling a little left out, when i look outside of my window all i can see is very wet and rainy weather. we had a small sprinkling a couple of days ago and were inspired to head up onto the moors for a little sledging action. armed with some old plastic water tanks cut to size and a flask of hot chocolate we hit the rather bumpy slopes. a great day was had by all but my bottom remains a little bruised and sore.

dylan the dog has finally left us and we miss him a great deal. saying that i am still finding black hairs everywhere. one of the last walks we had with him was up on bodmin moor near the hurlers, a stone circle.

there is a legend which states that the stones were once men who were playing the ancient game of hurling on the sabbath. thankfully we didn't get turned into stone for taking a walk on the holy day.

all around bodmin moor the skyline is full of crumbling tin mines which create stunning silhouettes. It really is a magical place and i am looking forward to going back again soon.