Friday, 10 June 2011

days go by

"it's a beautiful grind"
peter case

we went to see peter case recently and that line sums my life up perfectly.

we dyed some eggs. easter had long gone but i didn't care.

poor stan broke his arm in the park, he's been so good about it and his cast finally came off after 4 weeks, hooray!

somebody around here has started crawling. i'd forgotten what it's like, he's into everything.

cuddles with daddy are the best.

first taste of candy floss at the may fair. followed by lots of energetic running!

fish and chips at our allotment. yes we finally got one. i'm so excited.

my new ergo baby carrier. i love it and love having my baby on my back.

on the way to the allotment. i think it's so pretty up on that hill.

we're all excited because we're off to morocco tomorrow for a couple of weeks. life is mostly very good.

see you soon,

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

plymouth to paris by pedal power

we have all gone a bit bike mad lately. the whole family cycled 12km off road the other day, franc was exhausted, it was a great achievement for a just turned 5 year old. we were very proud.

i have just bought a new, second hand bike and am so excited about seeing it soon. and finally and most importantly steph is cycling from plymouth to paris in order to raise money for the work his mum does in nicaragua. here is her blog which explains in great detail all that great things that she does. if you would like to support her efforts please scroll down and find the donate now button. steph has funded the cycle trip himself so all donations will go to the women and children of matagalpa

ambika x