Monday, 26 January 2009

pure handmade goodness

here's a peek at a couple of handmade gifts we were lucky enough to receive at christmas. first of all this gorgeous gnome arrived in his very own spotty suitcase. he was made by a friend of my sister-in-laws for baby stan and i love him. such sweet little stomping feet and what a cute hat! baby stan seems very interested in pulling on his beard so i have had to rescue him a couple of times! but i'm sure our little gnome doesn't mind one bit.

and another sister-in-law (i luckily have lots of very nice sister-in-laws!) made me my very own ideas journal and i really love it so much.

i was more thrilled than anything to receive these handmade gifts. to see the work and concentration that has gone into them, makes them feel so special and unique. and there is nothing that makes you feel so good as someone who has taken the time to think of something you might really especially like. it has really inspired me to try and make next christmas a much more handmade affair.


Thursday, 15 January 2009

dogs and bikes

it has been such a long time since i visited this place, and so much has happened that i am not sure where to begin. let me start by introducing dylan.

dylan will be living with us for most of january and i can guarantee that there will be some tears when we have to finally say goodbye. dylan and franc have become firm friends and partners in crime. only yesterday i caught franc trying to open a door by standing on dylans back, and franc is always sneaking dylan some of his dinner under the table.

having a dog has been great, we have been out walking rain, wind, shine,frost and snow. the weather of late has been very varied but at times i can smell a hint of spring. it truly is just around the corner and i am very excited about finally getting our hens, planting up the vegetable patch and just getting a little bit of warm sunshine.

christmas at the cottage bought another new addition to the household...

a shiny bike and with it a very happy and excited little boy.

the new year so far has been jam packed. i finished my christmas temp job but so far have found little extra free time. potty training is going well, but as many of you know, not without its own limitations. sometimes i feel like i have cabin fever and its only been 3 days. thankfully i can escape with dylan, and i know it wont last forever. also i have been thinking up grand schemes of crafting, all i can say is watch this space because so far it has been just that, all thinking, and not much doing.


Monday, 5 January 2009

the happiest of new years

the holidays were full of laughter, smiles and relaxing with loved ones. we had a wonderful christmas. and now a new year is ahead of us. i love this time of year. it's like a clean slate laid out before you. so many plans to be made and so much to look forward to. it's very exciting.

i would like to get more organised with my time. do more crafting. move onto dry land. read more books. eat more healthily. and that's just for starters!

what are your plans for this year?