Thursday, 29 March 2012

one walk

every morning i do the school run and then take sookie up to the fields for her morning walk. i never grow tired of this place and feel so lucky that we have all of this on our door step.

she's good company our little pup. she trots along next to me, stopping when i stop and discovering all the wonders of the outside world.

i often look at her when we get home fast asleep in her basket and totally understand where the phrase it's a dogs life comes from.


a good start

it's always good to start the day with a little drawing time outside, even if all you want to draw on is everything apart from the paper that mummy has laid out in front of you. and pulling the lids off and on is so much fun. stan had to wear an easter bonnet for a special parade and breakfast this morning before the start of school and we somehow managed to get there early even though we are usually late. i taped some daffodils from the allotment onto his sun hat. we decided against donating our hot cross buns for communal use as the baby had managed to chew them into crumbs through the plastic wrapping, so we sat there and ate them ourselves. and there wasn't a parade so we said goodbye to my school boy and back home we went to wait in for the electrician. and now i am so glad school is out. that means we can have a snuggle in bed tomorrow morning and get to the serious business of reading winnie the pooh. and we are away visiting family for a few days too, it will be lovely.

sarada xx

Friday, 16 March 2012

this week

this little one decided that standing in the buggy on short journeys is far more fun

we've been busy planting pea, tomato sweetcorn and carrot seeds for the allotment as well as sweet pea plants on the balcony, to hopeful grow up the railings and look pretty

in-between hanging washing i made a macrame pot holder following this great tutorial. i do love a quick and simple project. by the way instead of inserting a ring at the top, i made a loop out of the string and carried on from there

and the poor babies have had coughs and high temperatures over the last few days, daddy cuddles are an integral part of the recovery process

how was your week?

sarada xx

Sunday, 4 March 2012

one boy and his dog

Francisco is fast approaching his 6th birthday, a fact that i find so hard to believe. the last 6 years have been so full of life and love and living that i am not quite sure where they have gone.
so what to get a 6 year old boy for his birthday? the answer: a lifelong companion who is filled with as much energy and cheekiness as the boy himself.

meet our new puppy sookie. we had been toying with the idea of getting a dog for as long as i can remember. now we have finally taken the plunge i cant imagine ever going back. she adds a crazy dynamic to our household. she get us up and motivated when we might otherwise just be lazy. and she is just a little bundle of love.

having a puppy is harder than i thought it would be, but i am enjoying the challenge and the new learning experiences which come with her. francisco is mad about her and so happy, what more can we ask for. the only residents at the cottage who don't seem too pleased are the chickens but i am sure they will all reach some kind of harmonious middle ground soon.

ambika x

Thursday, 1 March 2012

beautiful connections

hello march. i can't believe you're here already! i didn't mean to be away for so long. but after the slow month of january which is generally only eased by the ambitions for the new year, plotting great plans and a full of hope feeling that brightens even the gloomiest of winter days. by the time march comes around i am always surprised that it is already, well, march! and here i am hoping that i will catch up with this year before it races off and i am left chasing behind wondering where all the months have gone. is it only me, do you ever get this feeling?

definitely a highlight so far this year and a happy distraction from our woes was when my mother and i, along with my little ones visited my lovely sister in cornwall for a few days. we had a great time catching up and seeing her life close up rather than on the end of a telephone. it was wonderful. and as we said farewell she handed us each a jar filled with some of her sourdough starter to take home and nurture. from start to finish the whole process is quite a labour of love. after feeding it for a bit (you can see how to make the starter here) and making the sponge, and all that rising time here is my first loaf. it is delicious and fresh bread and honey is so simple and wholesome. but what i like most is that we are all making bread to feed our families from the same sourdough starter. the three of us, in our homes that are not as close to each other as we'd like. i enjoy thinking about my sister and my mother every time i feed my starter or eat this delicious bread. and yes, it makes me feel connected to these amazing women who also happen to be in my family. and i love that, it's a special feeling and one that makes me feel very happy indeed.

sarada xx