Monday, 28 July 2008

has it really been a whole year

since we met you baby?

wow. it seems like 10 years and just a few months all at the same time. you've changed so much. from a crinkly, tiny, delicate thing to a chubby, cheeky, noisy, giggly little person.

you have made our lives richer than i could have ever imagined and we love you so very much. happy birthday, little one. here's looking forward to a year full of new adventures and lots more laughter and happiness.


Thursday, 17 July 2008

all work, all play

i've been back in the business now for the best part of 2 months. i'm a holistic therapist and am absolutely over the moon at being able to treat clients again. admittedly i only do one day a week, renting a room in a small salon in the town. business is picking up slowly but surely. this week i performed a massage on a client who insisted on bringing her 15 month old baby with her. he screamed for the whole hour whilst i had to maneuver around the pram in a manner houdini would have been proud of. i think i should have offered to look after her child for the hour. she would have had a more relaxing time!

working only a few hours a week does have it's advantages. the garden is beginning to mature and pink beetroot and potato mash is a sure favorite with you know who.

i have been able to make this sock monkey. her name is gloria and she was conceived from a pair of ex-army socks in a flurry of wool needles and felt.

i have also been busy working on a birthday present for my lovely nephew stan who we will see this weekend at his birthday party. cant wait. hope the weather holds out.


Monday, 7 July 2008

udderly lovely

the other day when i went to check my little post tray at the marina, i was excited to see a package there waiting for me. even more exciting, it was from the other side of the world! in it beautifully tied up with a little note was this sweet and lovely brooch from the very talented fliss at udder. i was lucky enough to win it thanks to ochre who picked my name out at the recent udder brooch giveaway. thank you so much fliss, i really love it. and it's just inspiring to see so much handmade goodness out there.

i was also really pleased when i went to visit mum a few days ago and we managed to get an old sewing machine working that she acquired from a charity shop a while back. and now i am looking forward to getting on with all the things i can make using it. i can't wait!