Thursday, 29 May 2008

new flowers, the promise of fruit to come


alpine strawberries

and tomatoes.

last year all my tomato plants died, apparently it was a bad year all over for the delicate red fruit so this year i am taking no chances!

i feel inclined to talk, once again, about my ever growing garden as the other evening i attended a local food evening which we organised through my local environmental group sea. the ever looming issue of food security is right on our door step, its scary to think about it. massive centralisation of food production is, with the increasing oil prices, finally meaning that prices are going through the roof. basic commodities like milk and bread are reaching all time highs, and not since the 2nd world war has food security been at such a risk. so i reckon if you can't grow it, buy it locally and be happy with british, or australian, or american, or wherever it is you happen to live.

stick has also been getting creative this week. he has made some garden lights out of old metal radiator covers and jam jar lids. they are hanging in the Mimosa tree just above the garden table and chairs. i love them.


Tuesday, 27 May 2008

fleeting moments

it's not often these days that we manage to get together, so it was really nice that we did last weekend down on the boat. on sunday, the weather was amazingly sunny (despite our fears that it would pour down), granny and grandad came to visit for the day and we had such a lovely relaxing time...

looking for crabs...

eating ice cream...(it's a serious business you know!)

taking in the seascape...

warming toes in the sun...

playing and drinking tea in the park...

watching fireworks...

and trying out the night setting on the camera...

it was so good to see you sis, we must do it again sometime soon...

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

a weekend of feasts

bagels with cream cheese
chocolates from switzerland
fillet steaks and pork loin on the barbecue
salad and salami lunches
chicken casserole and roast potatoes
mexican wraps
apple and rubarb pies with whipped cream
strawberries and cream birthday cake

eating, smiling, celebrating and more eating with my brother on his 40th birthday weekend and meeting my gorgeous new neice and seeing her lovely mum in ireland. i did do lots of trampolining with my nephews coaching me in acrobatic moves (which i could not do in a million years by the way!), so hopefully that will counter all that delicious pie i ate! i flew over with stan and then our parents arrived the following day. i was pretty nervous about travelling on a plane on my own with my little one, but it was really fine and now i feel like i can handle anything! we had such a great time hanging out with our 3 wonderful nephews and stan was absolutely taken with all of them. and it's so nice to take a peek into the everyday lives of loved ones that you don't get to see that often.

at easter in their house, they all decorate eggs and hang them from a branch above their table. then as time goes on, all the eggs are removed and replaced by birds that they have made. what a lovely idea.