Monday, 23 May 2011

9 months

i can't believe that he's been out in this world for about as long as he lived in my tummy. weary and heavy i carried him around so glad to have him close by and so excited to wonder who he would be as he wriggled and kicked and grew. and now he's here i can't imagine how we managed without him. we love his smiles and shrieks and giggles. It's just so much fun for the three of us, getting to know our littlest cheeky son and brother.

it's been ages i know,
sarada xxx

Monday, 9 May 2011

mayfair and life at home

my friend chloe and i had a craft stall at our local mayfair recently. it was without a doubt the most challenging stall we have done so far. the weather was not on our side as great gusts of wind tried to steal our borrowed gazebo, and the rain on occasion came in lashing torrents. on top of this a very aggressive lady in a wheel chair broke the corner of said (borrowed) gazebo and then bent the pole of the one next door. despite all of these issues we both did surprisingly well and have now organised another 3 stalls. so i shall have to get busy sewing.

i was going through some photos and found these. this was a welcome home dinner i made for gaggy. sour dough bread ( i will continue with the recipe), quiche, and salads.

we were given these cool 'hard yakka' kids work trousers when we were in Australia at the beginning of the year. francisco wears them all the time.

they still look good even when he's had enough of helping his papa and looks very grumpy

and a garden experiment. bicarb, food colouring washing up liquid and vinegar make for quite an explosive wizards brew.

ambika x