Friday, 27 April 2012

a new venture, and a new adventure

my friend alison and i are both in more or less the same situation. we both have one child who is in school during the day, we both want to work, but neither of us are prepared to compromise with breakfast and after school clubs. basically we want to spend as much time with our young children as possible while still earning a little money. This over the last year has proved harder than i thought, so i am looking at our new venture as an exciting adventure, i can't wait to see where it goes.

we have started producing our own natural soaps. Below is a small selection of the soaps we have produced for our first stall at our local mayfair next weekend.

if you want to see more of our soaps have a look at our recently created facebook page and if you think it's good  please "like" us. feels very odd saying this but we are trying to get the word out every which way we can. very soon we will be selling them online. thanks for looking

ambika x

Monday, 23 April 2012

making and waiting

after a wonderful easter spent away with family we are adjusting to familiar routines and spending a lot of time indoors as it's been raining so much. the allotment will certainly appreciate it, and there is something lovely about coming indoors from heavy rain and getting all cosy. i made these two bears for recent birthdays and i keep checking out the windows to see if the ornamental cherry tree at the back of us is in bloom yet. it won't be long till its cheery pink blossom appears.

sarada xx