Tuesday, 6 May 2008

a weekend of feasts

bagels with cream cheese
chocolates from switzerland
fillet steaks and pork loin on the barbecue
salad and salami lunches
chicken casserole and roast potatoes
mexican wraps
apple and rubarb pies with whipped cream
strawberries and cream birthday cake

eating, smiling, celebrating and more eating with my brother on his 40th birthday weekend and meeting my gorgeous new neice and seeing her lovely mum in ireland. i did do lots of trampolining with my nephews coaching me in acrobatic moves (which i could not do in a million years by the way!), so hopefully that will counter all that delicious pie i ate! i flew over with stan and then our parents arrived the following day. i was pretty nervous about travelling on a plane on my own with my little one, but it was really fine and now i feel like i can handle anything! we had such a great time hanging out with our 3 wonderful nephews and stan was absolutely taken with all of them. and it's so nice to take a peek into the everyday lives of loved ones that you don't get to see that often.

at easter in their house, they all decorate eggs and hang them from a branch above their table. then as time goes on, all the eggs are removed and replaced by birds that they have made. what a lovely idea.



Rose Tyler Princess said...

hi sarada! and saradas sister you no who it is by the name! wish to see ya soon! x

Fairy Grandmother said...

Fairy grandmother wheeling in 3 weeks late - you did know I could fly didn't you! - been a busy bee moving house whilst more fortunate ones have been feasting together on most delicious sounding dishes! Was great to see that rose tyler princess dropped by - hope we hear from her some more!