Saturday, 6 December 2008


on the 8th day of christmas a moment of calm is found

while he munched on his chocolate father christmas.......

meanwhile outside the leaves continue to fall

and an exquisite flash of pink lace catches my eye


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Fairy Grandmother said...

At last I'm able to drop in again - computer has been on the blink and I've been travelling again too visiting Great Fairy Grandmother! Good to catch up with you both again and what a lot I've missed! - home made bread (mmmm...) trouser making for the wee wonderfuls, swans and the amazing starlings, knitting for beginners, exquisite lace and now a reminder that it's advent - a wonderful time of 'waiting' if only we can find the space for it and slow ourselves down! Hope we can sisters - you and me both! Reading your blog certainly helps. Thanks.