Monday, 26 January 2009

pure handmade goodness

here's a peek at a couple of handmade gifts we were lucky enough to receive at christmas. first of all this gorgeous gnome arrived in his very own spotty suitcase. he was made by a friend of my sister-in-laws for baby stan and i love him. such sweet little stomping feet and what a cute hat! baby stan seems very interested in pulling on his beard so i have had to rescue him a couple of times! but i'm sure our little gnome doesn't mind one bit.

and another sister-in-law (i luckily have lots of very nice sister-in-laws!) made me my very own ideas journal and i really love it so much.

i was more thrilled than anything to receive these handmade gifts. to see the work and concentration that has gone into them, makes them feel so special and unique. and there is nothing that makes you feel so good as someone who has taken the time to think of something you might really especially like. it has really inspired me to try and make next christmas a much more handmade affair.



Fairy Grandmother said...

biltiessHave just spent a most enjoyable half hour catching up on your Christmas & New Year news. It all seems such a long time ago now - was it really only FOUR WEEKS ago! The photographs you posted are a delight - the Christmas balloon was an inspiration. I have told so many people about it - its simplicity as a gift just rising out of its wrapping for the 'wee one' truly reflected the real spirit of Christmas. Is good to meet Dylan too - will he be visiting throughout the year I wonder? I think too that we must surely all agree with the sentiments expressed in 'pure handmade goodness' - the thought of returning to the Christmas's of yore when simple homemade gifts abounded is just so appealing - like SW I must start thinking and planning right now!! A most happy and fruitful year is hoped for you both.

snow white said...

dear Fairy Grandmother, thank you for your lovely comment and thank you so much for your support over the last year. we have really enjoyed having this space to jot down our ideas and snapshots of our everyday lives and it makes us very happy to know that you have enjoyed visiting this space too. xxx