Thursday, 19 March 2009

10 things i love about living on a boat

being 5 minutes from the beach, so nice for exploring and finding treasures

the beautiful sunsets

being rocked to sleep

the wildlife including our beloved swans

sitting on the roof with my love and a glass of wine on a beautiful still night

our skylights great for star gazing and cloud watching

being so in tune and in awe of the weather, snuggling down on a rainy night and watching the giant waves crash over the harbour wall

our wonderful neighbourhood, there's a few salty seadogs in there

the sense of adventure we feel on a regular basis

the sea air; it's so much fresher, saltier and bracing when your home is on the sea

don't get me wrong, there are a few things i don't enjoy about living on our boat; not having running water; not having a proper toilet; fitting 2 people on our single bed and the lack of space with an energetic toddler...

but all in all it's been a wonderful 3 years and i feel that the sea has embedded itself into me. i wonder now if i could ever stray too far away from it without feeling homesick. but the time has come to move onto land, at least for the moment. there's no getting around it, the three of us have just gotten too big for this place. so with a mixture of excitement and sadness we have taken the plunge and are moving into a flat, which will seem like an enormous palace to us!



threespirit said...

Good luck sweetheart. Hope you find your land legs soon. When you do we'll come and visit! kxxx

Fairy Grandmother said...

Loved reading and hearing about your boat life - a season safely fixed forever in your memory - now another new beginning's to all three of you - with our fondest love. X