Wednesday, 18 November 2009

things we found on a windy day

it's been so windy here lately. the kind of days where you just want to cosy up in front of the fire, if we had one that is. but there's no chance of staying in with my two year old. i ask him everyday what he'd like to do and his answer is always the same, 'go for a walk.' so when we have no other plans, off we go.

we collected these autumn leaves the other day and made them into a rainbow when we got home. they are our new work of art on the living room wall until we get some pictures up there.

and we emptied out our pockets and made little acorn people inspired by this post at acorn pies that i found via simple kids.

the next day i kept my little one happy by making a house for them out of a cereal packet. i thought it would be fun for him to help papier mache it. so i got some magazine pages for us to rip up but he found them too hard to tear so got frustrated and screwed them up and threw them instead! then i made some flour and water glue which took me back to my childhood, and i showed him how to glue the paper onto the house. obviously he decided it would be much more fun to put his hands in the container and squish the glue around. that was fine, but i objected when he started to wipe it all over me and flick it around the room. i'm afraid the project was aborted swiftly and it ended in tears. oh dear! well, i finished it off myself while he was sleeping and after the house had dried he seemed to like playing with it. oh, and snapping off the heads of the acorn people and rolling them down the stairs. i think we'll just go for a walk tomorrow!

sarada x


Beth said...

I love your town house and your acorn people! And I love knowing you enjoyed and used my project! love, Beth

maggie said...

cereal boxes are the best for any art project! nice to see what you have done with yours:) FUN.

Megan at Simple Kids said...

Those turned out so NEAT! So much fun.

snow white said...

Oh thank you all so much for the lovely comments. I'm glad you liked how our project turned out. And yes Maggie, cereal boxes are great aren't they!