Monday, 7 December 2009

christmas traditions

we braved the bad weather this weekend and went out and got our christmas tree. dusted down the decorations tin and searched for the lights in the shed. we got our tree a bit earlier than usual as we are going away for the holidays so wanted to enjoy it a little bit first. when i was decorating the tree, it got me thinking about family traditions, the kind of christmases stanley will look forward to and what our part will be in creating these special memories for him. so much responsibility!

one of our traditions is to send my mum and j's mum a decoration for their tree. and they always send me something for ours too. so for this years decoration, stan and i made some hearts, birds and stars out of salt dough, inspired by the december/january issue of the green parent magazine, that we dried in the airing cupboard and threaded with ribbon and twine. we made a garland and put some on the tree. the others i will post. i just hope they survive the journey!

sarada x


ginny said...

what a lovely tradition to swap decorations. i buy the girls a new decoration each year.. this year it's two tiny small porcelain decs (a heart and a star) made by a potter friend... i have put them in their pocketed advent calender but shhh .. don't tell them!
so lovely to see your tree up .. we will do ours next sunday...
wishing you a lovely festive holiday,
warm wishes
ginny x

snow white said...

That's a lovely thing to do too. I bet your girls will love them! I really enjoy finding out what other people do to celebrate special times. The decorations sound gorgeous, Have fun putting up the tree
Sarada x