Monday, 21 June 2010

mum's birds

our mum has been making these beautiful birds out of clay from her pond and feathers she has found around the woods. they are exquisite, and so tiny they sit snugly in the palm of your hand. i love them

ambika x


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Fairy Grandmother said...

Hello sisters this is fairy grandmother surfacing after a difficult few weeks. My lovely mum has died and 'normal life' has been rather on hold. Glad though that I was drawn once more to your blog this evening - as ever it has soothed me and I have loved reading about your various exploits and thoughts too over these last few missed weeks - months even! My mum would have loved reading the blogs if she had been able to and contributing her own comments! She would have identified closely with your philosophies and delighted in your creativity in your home making and family rearing. Was good to see and read of your own mum's. We women span the generations with ease don't we? Keep it up. With love.