Tuesday, 11 January 2011

happy new year

i caught myself the other day writing september 2011 on stanley's latest artwork. i think it was a felt tip drawing with lots of lines. and i only noticed my mistake when later in the day i was looking at his gallery. the place we call the hallway where his pictures are tacked up for all to see whenever they are passing. i was a bit taken aback when i noticed the slip and it was a big reminder to take a deep breath, several in fact. i think life has been such a tumultuous blur since the highs we were feeling in september with birth of our littlest the month before. so much has happened, good and not so good and the months have sped by so fast that i obviously didn't fully register any changes in the outside world. things hopefully have settled down now and we can potter along in january slowly. just enjoying each other and the simple routines that each day brings. hope you can do the same.

sarada xxx

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Fairy Grandmother said...

Happy New Year to both sisters! Was good to read your first blog of 2011. January often is a good month to recover from the flurry of Christmas and the attendant ups and downs that life can bring - and 'just be' isn't it? Can't wait to view The Gallery by the way! Much love to you both. XX