Tuesday, 29 March 2011

pirate party

francisco is now 5 years old and to celebrate we all headed to the beach and had a pirate themed treasure hunt and bbq.

the weather was amazing, the kids were excited, and the treasure hunt was exciting.

this is them trying to work out where the treasure might be buried from the map they found.

they dug and they dug and then the treasure emerged from a deep hole in the sand.

in other news from the blue cottage. i am baking my first sourdough loaf tomorrow. the dough is currently on its first rise. it is such a liberating process i cant wait to see if it works and how it tastes.

i am also sewing like crazy trying to prepare for my mayfair stall. i will post some photos in a day or two.

and out in the garden the potatoes, carrots, and beetroot are all planted out. lets hope they grow strong and healthy

ambika x

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