Monday, 23 May 2011

9 months

i can't believe that he's been out in this world for about as long as he lived in my tummy. weary and heavy i carried him around so glad to have him close by and so excited to wonder who he would be as he wriggled and kicked and grew. and now he's here i can't imagine how we managed without him. we love his smiles and shrieks and giggles. It's just so much fun for the three of us, getting to know our littlest cheeky son and brother.

it's been ages i know,
sarada xxx


katybird said...

You always manage to put into words what I feel but can't quite articulate. However did we get by without our little ones? Hope you're all well and Stan is doing ok.


snow white said...

Oh thank you that's such a lovely compliment. I know, how did we manage!! hope you 4 are doing really well too. Hopefully see you this summer.