Friday, 10 June 2011

days go by

"it's a beautiful grind"
peter case

we went to see peter case recently and that line sums my life up perfectly.

we dyed some eggs. easter had long gone but i didn't care.

poor stan broke his arm in the park, he's been so good about it and his cast finally came off after 4 weeks, hooray!

somebody around here has started crawling. i'd forgotten what it's like, he's into everything.

cuddles with daddy are the best.

first taste of candy floss at the may fair. followed by lots of energetic running!

fish and chips at our allotment. yes we finally got one. i'm so excited.

my new ergo baby carrier. i love it and love having my baby on my back.

on the way to the allotment. i think it's so pretty up on that hill.

we're all excited because we're off to morocco tomorrow for a couple of weeks. life is mostly very good.

see you soon,


Chrissie's Ribbons said...

Looks so beautiful... we can really empathise with 'the beautiful grind' too. Those photos are stunning- oh that little foot, I could just bite it!!!

Have an incredible holiday, you really deserve it!

Love and hugs, of course from Kevie and the rest of us xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hilary Robinson said...

Love the photos! I'm in awe of your allotment - we planted veg seeds with Hannah's 3 the other week when they came to stay and I'm looking forward to onions, beetroot and carrots. Always fancied Morocco - hope you're having a fab time.

Lots of love,
Hilary & David xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

snow white said...

Oh thank you both xxxx