Friday, 28 December 2007

new beginnings and a lovely end to the year!

we spent christmas 2007 with ambika and everyone at the blue cottage in cornwall. the boys took charge of the turkey and cooked a fabulous feast. and the rest of us spent the time catching up on each others news and making decorations around the house out of what we could find in the hedgerows.

we also baked lots of cakes and puddings including mini, sugar free banana cupcakes for franc (20 months) and granny gordon's parkin and naughty pudding.very tasty. all in all it was a really lovely relaxing time. we even had real candles on the tree, it looked magical. It was the first christmas where franc was aware that this was not just any old day, and stan (5 months) was just happy eating the wrapping paper! we decided to do away with buying lots of presents by having a secret santa and just concentrated on having a great time. unfortunately gaggy was unable to join us as both her parents sadly passed away just before christmas, so looking forward to a post christmas celebration when she gets back from france.

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Fairy Grandmother said...

We too have felt left out this last week as our own little corner of North Suffolk has had hardly any snow! Just where is it all we ask ourselves? The sledging picture is a 'tonic' and found the info on the Hurlers intresting too - we know so little of our own little island do we? We really have no need to add to the carbon footprints - there's more than enough to see and learn about here - certainly enough to see Fairy Grandfather and me out anyway! Will we have the commitment tho?.....