Sunday, 13 January 2008

new years resolutions

i cant believe that it is already half way through january and this is our first 2008 post. time does have a funny habit of just disappearing without a trace never to return. this year my sister sarada and i plan to keep this blog going. we both have young children and this "time" i was speaking of is so precious. stanley just started solids today and francisco is getting naughty pushing his boundaries on a daily basis, he will be 2 soon and life is just crazy but beautiful. i am enjoying seeing everything for the first time again through the wondrous eyes of my child, and experiencing everyday magic, crayons on paper, worms in the garden, thunder storms and spider webs. i feel excited about what 2008 will bring. we both plan to get creative and hope that this blog will not only keep us motivated, but also keep us close.


grisley said...

i like the feel of this , looking forward to seeing what these sisters get up to , i wonder , will they open the door to the bear ? will keep watching .

Fairy Grandmother said...

I have never read a blog before but as "Stan" is my grandson I thought I would give it a go! It made lovely reading - these two sisters starting out on new experiences with their small sons - I am looking forward to reading about their future adventures together