Wednesday, 13 February 2008

hello, goodbye

we sadly lost a close friend of the family last week and travelled up to oxford for the funeral. if it can be said the day was beautiful, the best it could have been. franc was a little angel and really lifted everyones mood by being very silly and funny. we arrived back, after about a week away, to find my seed trays sparkling with new life. it always fills me with a certain excitment when seeds germinate. there is always the hope that some kind of crop may follow. i made a pillow case based on the curly hazel photo posted a couple of weeks ago, it's a bit scruffy around the edges but i like it.

the sun has been shining all week and it feels like winter is almost behind us. much to our pleasure a new playground has been built in saltash, we spent most of the day there, and the rest, making yummy surprise valentines day biscuits for stick. there were more but someone kept eating them!

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Fairy Grandmother said...

Hello two sisters it seems to have been one of those rare weeks when loss is somewhat healed by our wee wonderfuls and that is good. Recognition of that and also realisation of new life and creativity springing forth in seedtrays, curly hazel pillowcases, new playgrounds and yummy biscuits is so restorative and gives us hope to draw on in future times of loss.