Saturday, 2 February 2008

the wonderful world of weaning

i bet baby stan had no idea that he'd ever be eating anything apart from breast milk! he's on two meals a day now and i have no idea what we used to do with all that time before he started meal times. it's proving to be a really fun and sweet experience. did i mention messy too! watching him react to all the different foods makes us smile a lot. he's such a cutie pie and so serious about the whole thing. i wish i knew what he's thinking when we introduce all these new tastes to him.

'did i miss a bit?'

we had 'rice congee' for breakfast this morning, it's eaten in china and is just a porridge made out of rice. very soothing. we put fresh pear puree on it and it went down a treat. it's a recipe from this lovely book i found in the library, food adventures that talks about what babies first foods are around the world and explains what happens at meal times in different countries. we had the chorizo and chickpea stew ourselves for dinner tonight. it was very tasty. i think i'm going to buy it as i'd love to try some more of the recipes, when he gets older.

i also made this mobile. something i was inspired to do after seeing one that stick made the last time we visited. it has lovely balance and moves beautifully. he collected stones with holes in, fishing line and wood from special places on his travels. i did collect the shells for mine when i went to visit our brother in ireland a little while ago, so that's nice, but the wool and balsa wood were just from local shops, not half as romantic. it's also taken me since november to finally get round to making it. so it's great to have an encouraging sis to help spur things along! i really enjoyed putting it all together, and am already thinking of making a more robust one for baby stan as he loves looking at it.

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Fairy Grandmother said...

Fairy Grandmother just dropping in to catch up on this week's musings and making a wish that she could be there as baby Stan explores 'the wonderful world of weaning'and shell mobiles. Maybe one day soon.......