Tuesday, 29 April 2008

planting out..... finally!

everything feels very late this year. i have only just planted out the vegetables in my small, but very perfectly formed new raised bed. this year we will hopefully be having potatoes, carrots, leeks, courgettes, purple sprouting broccoli, beetroot and climbing beans. i have made bean catcher dream catchers for them to grow up but so far am having a few bean disasters so we will see. the first lot didn't germinate, the second lot i planted out too early and they died in the snow, and now i have a tray just beginning to sprout on my window sill so third time lucky lets hope!

in the summer i plan to mosaic the walls of the raised bed and make it beautiful, but i am waiting for the longer, warmer evenings to kick in before i begin. the pear tree blossom has been and gone, but the apple trees are looking very pretty in pink.

my numerous salad bowls have finally sprouted and will be good to eat very soon.

and my new herb garden is beginning to establish itself. i love the way the oregano is flourishing in the cracks of the wall.

all in all i am really happy with the garden so far. i have six tomato plants sitting in the porch all looking happy and smelling only the way fresh tomatoes can. and i have a host of chilli plants on the go, i cant believe how slowly they grow but i guess the best things do come to those who wait.



Fairy Grandmother said...

What a beehive of activity has been going on in Rose Red's vegetable garden! It almost makes a fairy grandmother determine to get her own fingers dirty! She so remembers the special smell of young tomatoes in her own grandfather's greenhouse all those years ago when she too was just a wee wonderful! Isn't it amazing how just one particular smell can evoke such special memories!

Anonymous said...

wow like fairy grandmother , it makes me keen as well , just shows what you can do in a small space . will be interested in how those dream bean catchers work . x