Monday, 28 July 2008

has it really been a whole year

since we met you baby?

wow. it seems like 10 years and just a few months all at the same time. you've changed so much. from a crinkly, tiny, delicate thing to a chubby, cheeky, noisy, giggly little person.

you have made our lives richer than i could have ever imagined and we love you so very much. happy birthday, little one. here's looking forward to a year full of new adventures and lots more laughter and happiness.



Nigel Smith said...

Happy Birthday Big Man! You'll be pleased to hear that your present has finally arrived. All I have to do is now is get round to collecting it from the shop. Look forward to seeing you Dad at the beer festival next week.


Fairy Grandmother said...

What a scrumtious grandson you are - life would now be incomplete without you! You're loved so very much.

Mary said...

What a gorgeous little boy and what a great smile! I wish I could be a more regular part of your life. But we often think of you. Can't wait to see all 3 of you again.