Monday, 7 July 2008

udderly lovely

the other day when i went to check my little post tray at the marina, i was excited to see a package there waiting for me. even more exciting, it was from the other side of the world! in it beautifully tied up with a little note was this sweet and lovely brooch from the very talented fliss at udder. i was lucky enough to win it thanks to ochre who picked my name out at the recent udder brooch giveaway. thank you so much fliss, i really love it. and it's just inspiring to see so much handmade goodness out there.

i was also really pleased when i went to visit mum a few days ago and we managed to get an old sewing machine working that she acquired from a charity shop a while back. and now i am looking forward to getting on with all the things i can make using it. i can't wait!



Anonymous said...

waiting with antisipation although hats off to all mums with young children ,it s amazing how they find the time ,and the energy .the secret is to look after yourselves especially you SW and RR x

Fairy Grandmother said...

I loved the photos once again - someone has a talent! Lovely brooch too and how exciting to own your very own sewing machine! Special! I totally agree with anonymous - wise words - take care of yourselves SW and RR and keep living for the day - tomorrow will take care of itself.