Friday, 15 August 2008

moopy love

it seems like everyone i know is turning one at the moment. well, i guess it's the crowd i hang around with these days! i bought this pattern from moopy & me ages ago and decided to have a go at making my first soft toy since my attempts as a child all those centuries ago.

as i suspected the mini moopies are a really sweet gift idea. and it's such a great pattern. i got a little production line going, managed to make 7 of the little chappies and thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.

my new secret weapon and invaluable sewing tool (which i'm sure you all already know about), is the humble chop stick. brilliant for turning tricky bits of fabric the right way round, and stuffing thin leg bits. i also made little drawstring bags for each of them, and on the ears, i added felt hearts embroidered with each birthday babies first initial. i am definitely going to make some more of these. it's pretty addictive!


1 comment:

Fairy Grandmother said...

Love your moopies Snow white - there wouldn't happen to be a spare one for an old fairy grandmother by any chance?!