Sunday, 10 August 2008

chicken nuggets

all in all it has been a poultry inspired weekend.

on saturday afternoon i found myself in that rare position of having a few child free hours. unfortunately, due to my lack of organisation, i spent it all stitching up this poultry effort for a very important forthcoming birthday party. it took several layers of persuasion to get the young man to dress up.

we have been planning on getting a couple of birds for ages now, but every time we started looking at chicken coop requirements, confusion hit in and we never actually begun. so we visited some friends who keep chickens. franc loved the two girls colonel and zinger, and this was the first step in persuading him to wear the outfit. we left our friends, very happy with a couple of books, some homemade pickle, two eggs and the drive to get going. many thanks.

chocolate cake bribary, although i like to think of it more as barganing, was an absolute necessity to get this beautiful picture. it was a great party. happy birthday cai.

we have now cleared a space in the garden for the chickens new home, so watch this space to meet our new egg laying family soon.



Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous little chicken! The bribery was absolutely worth it- I love the wings! It was so lovely so meet you all the other week, love and kisses from Kevie x

Fairy Grandmother said...

We grandmas love to see our wee wonderfuls enjoying life - your little one looks a real cheeky chicken in his great outfit - well done Rose Red! - even if you didn't quite get your child free time! That's motherhood for you - totally time consuming but so worth it when they pose for photos such as this. Definitely one to bring out on the 18th birthday!

John said...

On behalf of Cai, thanks for coming to the party! Franc's chicken outfit was most excellent work, and left me quite shamed in my paltry effort at dressing up. (Please note my chicken pun, and enjoy, if at all possible.)

As to the plan for real non-human chickens, I look forward to sampling some very local eggs soon! (I hope you appreciate the level of self-control it took to resist the many egg-related puns available to me there.)