Tuesday, 14 October 2008

boys love dolls too

francisco wanted a dolly so i made him one. dolls shouldn't be reserved just for the girls, they can be as treasured and cherished by our tender hearted boys. it makes me smile when he says "i love her mummy".

i am very pleased with her. my first rag doll. a little plump in the arm department but nobody is perfect. the first of many i think, i really enjoyed sewing her face and watching her slowly appear before me, and seeing my little mans face light up. she is so pretty.



Melissa said...

hi sarada,
oh, she is beautiful. reading this post gave me tears in my eyes- your description of your boy's reaction.
just beautiful. x

p.s. thank you for the birthday wishes :)

Fairy Grandmother said...

What a beautiful rag doll - love her eyes! No wonder your little man is smitten! His uncle J had a favourite rag doll for years who looked like a scarecrow - called Droopy! Think he's still around!

comfies said...

and what glorious red hair she has!!!