Thursday, 9 October 2008

this and that

sometimes baby stan actually manages to fall asleep in his pram when we're out and about walking somewhere. only sometimes, mind you. at these times, i take a deep breath and relish in the knowledge that i have a tiny moment when i can switch off and think about whatever i please and just quietly look around at my surroundings.

i find it quite calming, a bit like meditating as i walk along. and i love noticing tiny things hidden in the nooks and crannies as we continue on our journey.

i saw these small graffiti stencils the other day hidden among the loudness of the city and really enjoyed looking at them and thinking about who made them and how. then before i know it, it's back to the hustle and bustle as my lovely little one wakes up.

baby stan's new passion in life is dancing, give him a beat and he'll start grooving, waving his arms in the air and giving a good wiggle. seriously he'll dance to anything even the beeps of the 6 o'clock news! i was looking on the internet the other day for a jonathan richman song that stan could dance to and found this guy. he did a dance a day for a whole year to all different kinds of music. i started watching them and then got kind of addicted. i find it really interesting when people take on projects like this. i always want to know the story behind the idea, and what drives them. i have also recently been inspired by this lady. she has given herself the challenge of taking photo's of random strangers one a week for a whole year. i wish i had the courage to do something like these guys. i bet it makes them feel really alive amidst the sometimes humdrum of normal.

another favourite in our household is dan zanes, he is great. and baby stan loves this video, it's very cute watching him dance and wave to it!

and oh! and i've been tagged by the lovely ginny to tell you 6 random things about myself, eek! well here goes...

i have been writing stories in my head ever since i can remember. i even wrote in my school exercise book when i was 8 years old that i wanted to be an authoress when i grew up. not very pc i know, but hey!

i am a huge fan of the over the knee sock for keeping those (rolling) pins warm of a winter.

i love bread, any sort that needs slicing will do, spread generously with real butter, or with a bit of olive oil to dip into, i could go on.

i am a slow eater and a fast walker.

my fantasy one day is to have a small holding of my own. somewhere i can collect water, have a composting loo, grow veg and keep chickens. that kind of thing, preferably in a mediterranean setting. not sure how this will happen, but it's good to dream.

well thanks ginny, that was fun. now i invite some other lovely people to tell some random facts about themselves. so if you feel like playing... leya, chloe, danica, melissa, emma and need to link the person who tagged you, post the rules on your blog, write 6 random things about yourself, tag 6 people at the end of your post and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog, and finally let the tagger know when your entry is posted.

it's nice to think about things you wouldn't normally. have fun.



Nigel Smith said...

I look forwrad to seeing Stanley dance at the weekend. I made Logan a CD of stomping Tom Waits songs for his birthday. Will try to make a copy for SDV tonight.


the flour loft said...

love your random things... thanks for joining in. I am so with you on the bread.. and my slices always have lashings of butter on too. Here's to you sitting on your small holding in the mediterranean heat writing stories whilst wearing over the knee socks.. oh and eating bread.
lots of love
Ginny xx

comfies said...

sounds like fun, i'll give it a go soon! and it was fun hearing about all your random things....

Tutta la Storia said...

What a fun tag! I'd like to get some over the knee socks as well, ow that I am back in New England and I am cold all of the time!

snow white and rose red said...

You'll definately need some for a New England winter! Or just move to the mediterranean with me!!

Thanks for all your lovely comments x