Tuesday, 26 May 2009

a big fat spanish wedding

it's been such a hectic year so far what with me moving house and my little sis busy working on her first craft stall that we have been rather absent here. it has made me realise just how much we both connect with each others lives through this space and that's just how we wanted it to be when we first started, so lets hope we can find the time again to do just that.

we've just come back from a big family holiday in spain too. we all went over, my brother and his family, all 6 of them, our parents and us with our little families. there were six children in all ranging from 1 to 12 and the first time all the cousins have been together in the same place. it was really nice and my mum was so pleased. here she is with all her grandchildren and fortunata the donkey getting in on the act too!

the occasion - our spanish cousins wedding. we stayed in the house that our grandfather jack built up in the mountains with our uncle and aunt and had a really great time. the landscape was so beautiful with flowers in bloom and everything was so green and lush. the last time we were there my sister and i were 9 and 12 and twenty years later we were wondering why it had taken us so long to return.

our spanish aunt cooked amazing food including stews, fried fish and grilled meats to name a few and as well as the donkey there were dogs, chickens and chicks, a guinea pig and a toad! needless to say, stanley and franc adored them all.

and the spanish wedding was all we had hoped for, firecrackers, delicious food, chanting, lots of kissing, singing, drinking and dancing and even a red carpet! it was great fun. from the gathering of wild flowers for the church and the wrapping up of organic honey jars for the wedding favours to dancing the night away and some of the morning too! thank you everyone in spain it was wonderful to see you x


Nigel Smith said...

Welcome back. Spain and grilled meats - what a wonderful combination. Muy bien. Look foward to seeing you tomorrow. xxx

threespirit said...

Wow! That looks like an awesome place to have a wedding. I'm so jealous! Your mum looks so happy. x