Monday, 8 June 2009

the hare and the tortoise

who will win the race?

the weeds are racing ahead especially the bindweed, forever climbing higher and finding deeper corners away from my destructive reach.


the vegetables which are plodding along very very slowly.

there is one last candidate in the race. the slugs..... each year i grow less patient and more barbaric with my slug disposal methods. i will not tarnish this lovely and special space with them.

so amongst all the gardening and general day to day living, we have been finding a little time to lie and relax in the hammock. the weather has been amazingly warm and i am now so excited about the prospect of the summer ahead.

before we left for spain my dear friend and i ran a craft stall at the local may fair. we had a great day selling our home made goods and got loads of really great feedback. I will be putting some of the left over stock onto my etsy shop soon, so watch this space as i hope to get it all up and running in the next week.

it feels good to be back here after such a long break.

ambika x

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snow white said...

yes it really does doesn't it. relaxing in your hammock sounds lovey too, what a nice way to enjoy those hot days xxx