Monday, 15 June 2009

a walk up the mountain

these are some flowers and grasses that we picked to make our house look pretty for the many special people who recently came to visit. we got them from the little woods on the hill behind where we live.

we often go up to this bit of scrub land for a walk in the afternoon. it's just so close to us that it only takes 5 minutes to walk up to the top so it seems really manageable to just pop up there before dinner time when its too sunny to be indoors. we call it a mountain as in proportion to stanley it seems really big. usually he'll ride on my shoulders as i slowly climb up the steep steps, then i'll put him down and together we'll wander along the bramble lined paths looking for ladybirds and bumble bees. we never know what we are going to discover.

when we get to the top you can see the whole of the city surrounded by rolling hills looking out to sea. we head towards the old bench and stanley uses the chalk that's scattered in the soil around these parts to draw on the wood or sits with me and has a snack, while i take in the surroundings, breathe deep and appreciate the moment.

i really enjoy these walks and find it so peaceful to tip toe past the bushes peering in and looking at everything in detail. sometimes i feel as though we spend most of our time racing to get from one place to another so slowing down and taking it all in on our walks is just what we need.

then he's up on my shoulders for the meander down through the wooded area to look for the snails that live high up on the tree trunks. stanley loves snails at the moment and spends the whole time pointing them out to me where ever we go. before we know it, we're out onto the road and the pace quickens once more as we make the small walk home.

sarada x


rose red said...

you have painted a beautiful picture, cant wait to see you sometime soon

ambika x

Nigel Smith said...

That's lovely. I enjoyed our stroll up Snail Mountain. I seriously think you should collect a few and cook them. I think they are edible:

The Times - Edible Common Snails


snow white said...

Hi Nigel, that's an interesting idea - thanks!
Stanley has been known to give them a lick so maybe he would like it!
Sarada x