Wednesday, 5 August 2009

rainy days

every time i look out of the window the world is immersed in a grey wet foggy blanket. it has been very depressing and now that finally, after several weeks, the sun is shining, i have found the energy to write my post. sorry it has been so long coming. here are a few things we have been doing to pass the time....

we decorated eggs by wrapping them in cheap silks

then we made them into small parcels and boiled them for 10 minutes

let them cool in a sieve

and then unwrapped them

the dyes from the cheap silks ran into the egg shells making beautiful patterns. far too pretty to eat but i am not sure how long they'll last

our good friend lisa came to stay and together with the help of last weeks guardian magazine, some flour and water glue, and a little time, we produced this masterpiece. i'm not sure who enjoyed it more francisco or us


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John said...

I'm so impressed by how lovely those decorated are that I feel moved to pass comment - there, I've done it!