Monday, 17 August 2009

stopping and starting

i seem to be like the weather at the moment. sunny days full of energy and getting things done, playing well which makes happy faces all round, and more often rainy days when nothing seems to go to right and i barely have the inclination to get the mundane stuff done let alone any fun things for me or my little 'wild thing'. and whilst not doing any of this i have plenty of time it seems to fill my head with thoughts about my inadequacies and all those things i should be doing and all those things i really want to do but somehow just cant muster up the energy or time for.

yesterday was one of those do it all busy days. we made bread and with our blackberries that we picked on our walk the day before, jam and sorbet. i really recommend the sorbet it was delicious. i got the idea from the recipe here and substituted agave syrup for the sugar syrup.

and even better someone liked it a lot! the perfect new way to get fresh fruit into him!

then after all that i managed to finish off some projects i've been working on for a while. it was a rare productive and fun day but i would much prefer more stuff a little at a time more often. i am working on it.

one of the projects i finished is a doll that i made for stanley's friends birthday.

meet betty

i really enjoyed making her and although my pattern needs a bit of tweaking i was quite pleased with the results of my first doll.

she has lovely long legs and is made from recycled fabric.

here she is enjoying herself on the balcony. i was quite sad to see her go.



Anonymous said...

Oh Sarada, she's beautiful, I LOVE Betty!! She has the cutest shoes! My 'wild thing' is keeping me busy too and some days I can't seem to even make it to the shower! Caring for these babies is the most wonderful and productive thing we can do so I think we just have to stop beating ourselves up about all the other stuff we keep 'meaning' to do. Will definitely try the sorbet,hope to see you soon, lots of love from Kevie xx

Fairy Grandmother said...

Hello 2 sisters! Fairy grandmother has been in summer hibernation but is now back online! I've just had a delightful time catching up on all your news and can't believe what I've been missing - chalkboard kitchen doors alongside beachcombed chalk stones, simple homemade natural shampoos and deodrants,the erection of Cluckingham Palace and fresh eggs every day to go with the homegrown veg, poncho and doll making culminating in the triumphal entrance of Betty! I too love her shoes! May she be the first of many such characters! Also,may I request some blackberry sorbet next week when Snow White visits with daddy and their wee 'wild thing'?! Looking forward to that so much. Thanks for a wonderful 'escapist' evening girls! Just what I needed. Much Luv xx

threespirit said...

I know how you feel hon, I'm glad i'm not the only one! xxx

katybird said...

Also loving Betty, she's so cute! And the sorbet is a fab idea, glad Logan's not the only one drinking from bowls! I have weeks just like that - jam making and painting one day, vegging in front of the telly the next. We can't be super-productive all the time, our bodies need rest days too. Focus on the little things you do to make each day fun (just hanging out with mummy is fun!) and don't worry about being Supermum. Have to meet soon! Big loves, Katy & logan xx