Saturday, 19 September 2009

mix and match

recently i have found myself eyeing up sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers and even blankets whenever i enter a charity shop or go to a boot fair. bedding is so expensive, well the kind i would like anyway, and i love the idea of having an odd assortment of bedlinen to mix and match in any combination the mood takes me. so i've been collecting a few mismatched bits as i find them and getting rid of any that we currently have that i really don't like. the theme that seems to have evolved is of pinks and blues, but who knows what i might discover on one of my next thrifting escapades. it just gives me great pleasure to be surrounded by all these pretty colours and patterns.

(and there's little stan playing his favourite new game, pretending to be asleep, then jumping up a few seconds later exclaiming 'awake now!')

(i also bought this beautiful crocheted blanket at a recent boot sale for £2 i think. the woman told me that her mother had made it and that made me feel sad.)



melissa said...

i'm also keen on second-hand bedding... it's so much nicer than some of the newer stuff that i can afford. your little boy is gorgeous!

Fairy Grandmother said...

Little Stan looks absolutely angelic! These wee wonderfuls of ours never cease to delight - how blessed we are. Love your mixing and matching too - including the stripes and florals on the bed. Will have to take a leaf out of your book I think. My grandma(Stan's great great grandma) used to crochet and she too made beautiful throws - is it a dying craft I wonder? Hope not. At least the charity shops( and yourself) are keeping them in circulation.

katybird said...

What a lovely idea, the pic of the prints at the top is gorgeous. Logan likes that game too! But he favours "wake up!". We'll have to get together again soon xx

snow white said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments x