Wednesday, 7 October 2009

a long trip home

its been just lovely going away and seeing my family for nearly 2 whole weeks. we spent some much needed time catching up, had a friends wedding to attend and then francisco and i went to see my sisters new abode in brighton for a few days. as always though i somehow managed to be having such a great time that my camera got forgotten, and i have very few pictures to remember our time by. this is my sister and i at the wedding.

katy who was getting married is my oldest friend. she looked amazing and it was so lovely that at the reception her little boy patrick insisted on dressing up as a bumble bee. katy made this really cute outfit for him.

on the subject of bees, our mum has been keeping honey bees for a few years now. she produces the most amazing honey. whenever fransisco sees a bee he thinks it might be one of granny's which is lost. it is just lovely when he calls her up asking if she is missing one of hers.

my sisters new flat in brighton is perfect. it is located centrally and is right near a great woodland area and a lovely park. i was really inspired by the way she has thriftily furnished and decorated her place. nearly everything has come from freecycle. very environmentally friendly. and the mix and match of throws and pictures and odd little pieces of furniture make the place look so homely and warm. since i have been back in the cottage i have been inspired to clean and home make like never before. i have new eyes.


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