Wednesday, 21 October 2009

snuggling in

well autumn is certainly here now. the days are getting shorter and the nights are colder. so we have gradually been spending more time inside. that and the fact that we are all a bit poorly with coughs and colds means that we haven't strayed too far from home this week or done anything too strenuous.

i got stan a paintbrush the other day, before that we were using hands, and spent a morning painting with water colours. i find that sometimes it's easier to do activities like this especially if you aren't feeling up to it. he loved rinsing the brush in between using each colour and how with the help of the water the paints merged into one another.

we are lucky to have lots of big windows in our home so this is where we display our artwork at the moment. the crayon drawing was done by my sisters little boy and is a nice reminder of when they came to visit. it's a picture of his mummy as a chicken! very sweet and funny. we had such a lovely time with them and i did a lot of catching up with my lovely little sis. it was great. i will post some more pictures of their visit soon.

sarada x


Nigel Smith said...

There's definetely something of Robert Rauschenberg in the Big Man's art work. Excellent stuff.

snow white said...

Being critiqued already, brilliant!

Fairy Grandmother said...

Am catching up again on your blogs that I've missed partly lack of confidence in using new laptop and partly being away for a while. Was good to have so many to catch up on and I too was well impressed with the artwork - children's and adults! The display on the Brighton flat's windows looks great! Hope I can keep more up to date from now on.