Friday, 12 February 2010


my new issue of country living arrived a few days ago. just as we all came down with a tummy bug. we're on the mend now though. i was lucky enough to be given a subscription as a birthday present and i just love dipping in and out of the inspiring pages and day dreaming about my perfect cottage and garden in the countryside. i was very pleased to find a copy of the country diary of an edwardian lady in a charity shop a while ago. so i thought it would be nice to read about each month as it comes along. the illustrations are just so beautiful and make me feel excited about spring.

sarada x


Fairy Grandmother said...

Fairy Grandmother dropping in after a long absence! Have really enjoyed catching up on the blogs since Christmas - quite a mixture of ups and downs! Such is life! The photos are a tonic and what a contrast between the snowmen and the balmy cornwall beach - our weather is truly amazing. The special treat breakfast after lie in must have been delicious and doesn't dipping in and out of lovely publications warm our hearts? A yummy box of chocs given to us by S W at Christmas contained this message - 'You become what you meditate on' - how true that is and your blogs certainly add to our attempts to fill our minds with positive thoughts. Happy 2010 you two sisters. XX

snow white said...

how lovely to see you here again. It certainly is helpful to focus on all the positives sometimes. xxxxxxxxxxx