Wednesday, 3 February 2010

a few things from the start of 2010 (and before)

hello again. it's been so long i don't really know where to begin. we had a truly lovely family christmas, i made this print for my mum as her secret santa.

and i received some really beautiful amazing handmade gifts myself, this hand turned bowl and rolling pin, and a lovely hand crafted wooden spoon. i felt incredibly lucky.

christmas was followed by a barrage of fancy dress parties, an 80's new year, a movie star 30th birthday, and another 1920's 30th birthday party. i decided to make a dress for the 1920's party, in hindsight it was a little ambitious but somehow i managed to pull it off, and the dress actually managed to stay together for the whole evening! i forgot to take a photograph which is a shame but i'm sure someone has out there.

we also had some snow which has now gone, and managed to get a little bit of sledging in, our chickens were very bemused by it all.

this is cattyfly (a cat who can fly) he landed on francisco's pillow one night causing much surprise and many tears. after a lengthy discussion, cattyfly has now become a friend and we have been awaiting another visit with much anticipation. i have copied franc's picture and made a toy one for his birthday. This is very organised for me as his birthday is not for a couple of months.

and lastly, check out the size of my parsnip. i dug up this beauty just before christmas. i cant wait to get the garden planted up this year.

ambika x

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