Tuesday, 9 March 2010

boot fairs and antique shops

we had a lovely weekend with stanley's grandparents visiting. it was nice and sunny for a change so off we went on sunday morning to explore the local boot fair. i love looking around at the assortment of goods on display from furniture to vintage fabrics, there's always so much inspiration on every stall. a feast for the eyes! we found a big bag of marbles for £1. we've been saving up loo rolls to make a marble run. it reminded me of my marble collection i had when i was younger, i think i lent them to a friend and never got them back! i love all the different colours and swirls inside the glass. so pretty and reminiscent of my childhood.

i also snuck off with my mother in law, to a few antique emporiums for an hour or so. it was great fun. from intentions of just browsing, i came back with this sweet baby for stanley, with a hand knitted cardy and this gorgeous satiny sari fabric. i just love the colour and the little gold details. and immediately made it into some curtains. i'm usually bad at buying things. i think about it too long and then when i've got my heart set on something i'll go back and of course someone else has snapped it up, so it was good to have some encouraging help. and i love my new curtains.

sarada x


Fairy Grandmother said...

Your curtains look great! Well done! FG. X

Anonymous said...

Wow- love the curtains! Love your photo of the antique cream fabrics too. I get such pleasure from finding treasures at antique shops and boot fairs too. Lots of love and hugs, Kevie xx