Tuesday, 2 March 2010

tagging the town, or adventures in guerrilla knitting episodes 1, 2, and a failed 3

i have decided to become a guerrilla knitter, maybe i need to consider getting a job, or maybe getting more of my many crafting projects off the ground, but for now i am anonymously tagging the town of saltash.

i first heard about this movement when i went to london and took part in the wave climate change demonstration, about making the talks in copenhagan really matter. on the train up we were given needles and told to knit something and leave our mark on the march route.

i am not sure of the exact origins of guerrilla knitting and the reasons people do it seem so varied. but here is a good article which appeared in the guardian a while back written about one of the movements founders. it also has links to a few more sites if you are interested.

episode 1 - the lamp post
this was my first tag, i waited until dark and then stitched up this lamp post. i came back the next day to take this photograph and
watched two girls looking at the post for ages, they were laughing and touching the wool. it made me smile that they were smiling.

episode 2 - the bench
once again under the cover of night this bench in the high street was made more friendly.

episode 3 - brunels top hat
this was my first failed attempt, i have made the brunel statue a top hat but when i came to adorn him with it i realised that it was too high and without some serious spiderman wall climbing action or the use of a ladder i could not get up. it will have to wait for another day.

i am enjoying watching peoples reactions to a little bit of the home made in a different context, i am also enjoying my new role of knitivist.

ambika x


katybird said...

I love it! Keep going, and good luck with Brunel's hat xx

Chloe Fitzjohn said...

I love this guerrilla knit crazy too, good work i will be keeping my eyes peeled for these two specimens.

Fairy Grandmother said...

Love the bench!! x