Tuesday, 12 October 2010

the cold after the storm

isn't it always the way that the minute you sit down and start to breathe again the sore throat sets in. i woke up this morning with exactly that feeling, and am now drinking copious amounts of elderflower tea with honey to try and ward it off.

i picked the elder flowers in the spring, and dried them, knowing that when autumn came they would come into their own and be very useful. so what has been happening that has made life so crazy? well saltash, the small town where we live became a transition town back in january. We have just run a two week "making saltash greener" festival spreading the word and trying to get more people involved. have a look here to see some photos of some of the events that happened. so much has been going on since i last posted here. francisco finished pre-school with pirate and princess celebrations,

and started in reception class at primary school

the garden continues to bring me great pleasure, especially this colorful little bunch i picked the other day. my purple carrot and yellow courgettes.

and finally a little film which might make you smile. i am such a proud mum.

i should be posting here a little more regularly now that i have a bit more time on my hands

ambika x

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