Wednesday, 20 October 2010


i had a spare five minutes the other day as i was waiting for a friend to come round for lunch and inspired by this cute blog - mila's daydreams had a go myself. such fun. although king lenny woke up as soon as i lay him in place!

i can't believe this fat little monkey is 2 months old already! time is just racing by. and these days i often find myself wondering how one small person can create so much more washing and general chaos in the house. it's a mystery.

sarada xxx


rose red said...

Just gorgeous!

Nigel Smith said...

Brilliant. Looking forward to meeting the king.

Woolly Soup said...

I love your daydream scene, what a shame he woke up.
I like the way you made the flowers.

threespirit said...

I love it, it's brilliant! He is such a cutie. xxx

katybird said...

Love he scene Sarada, so creative! I'm a big fan of Mila's blog, don't have the energy to attempt to create something yet though. Can't believe Lenny is so big already! We really have to get the boys together before too long xx