Saturday, 2 July 2011

slow progress

we're back from morocco, we had a fantastic time. i'll tell more another day.

i just wanted to show some pictures of the allotment. me and the littlest spent nearly the whole day up there. such sweet company.

my parents have been so great in getting us started. they helped us put up a fence and got us a shed and my mum has been weeding and planting with me and my aunty gave me some plants. thank you so much. we have a long way to go, but i am just doing it little by little. i spent most of the day weeding the potatoes that were starting to look a bit sorry. they look much better don't you think mum. and i have put sand around some of the plants to try and stop the slugs that are munching quicker than i am planting, so we'll see.

coming home from the allotment i always feel relaxed and grateful for a moment of quiet, even when i have a little one in tow.

sarada xxx

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