Saturday, 19 January 2008

showers of inspiration

i love weekend showers, when j is looking after the little one and i don't have to wash and get ready in a mad stop/start rush but can linger and take my time while the delicious hot water washes away my stress and tiredness (well almost!). a real luxury. i often find that this is the only time i really have at the moment to gather my thoughts and hope that light bulb inspiration moments come along.
today i was thinking that this living on a boat lark, small though it may be, is not such a bad thing after all. in fact sometimes it can be very good indeed. take the other day for instance, it was a beautiful sunny day, so we decided to give the boat a good airing and open the skylights for the first time this year. and we just hung out on board having a lazy day, and lying on the floor with baby s, gazing up at the white clouds streaking across the sky and watching seagulls making that seagull noise flying overhead. it was truly lovely. we are very in tune with the elements here and fling the doors open at any opportunity, or cosy up when the wind is high and rocking us about and often fall asleep to the sound of the mighty sea roaring on the other side of the harbour wall. who cares if our cupboards are too small!
talking of cupboards, (mine is such a mess!)

i was rummaging through it and found this dress that i bought in november in a charity shop made by toast for about 4 pounds, was going to wear it but then realised how impractical, it would be for breastfeeding. oh drat.

instead i put on this top from my staple maternity collection that i am still wearing 6 months later! it's from peacocks. it's very comfy and i love the pockets. i thought i might try and make some more tops like it for the summer. in fact i need to really sort my clothes and clothes cupboard out, so there's a plan.

i'm really interested in knitting, weaving and anything to do with textiles, and am feeling positive that i can get a few projects on the go this year in between baby sleep time, and hope that seeing my plans in writing will help me to become a doer and less of a dreamer. dreaming is a start though!

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