Friday, 25 January 2008

2 little dickie birds

our friends called the other day to say that they are getting married in february. i made these two little love birds out of felt, with crocheted tummys, and vintage fabric wings. their nest is coloured rags. i think we will sit them on chocolate eggs and little love notes rolled up. i hope they like them, i think they are quite sweet and i might try and make some more for franc.

sunshine at last! and to top it all the most beautiful pink sunset. the mud in the garden is finally drying out and i have begun planning the infamous vegetable patch. stick has been building a new workshop/studio for the last 6 weeks and i cannot wait for it to be finished. today in the garden we had the pleasure of being joined by a stunning blackbird and a chirpy little robin. the blackbird was very content just to sit in the hawthorn watching the action, but the robin fluttered about all day giving his opinion in the most tuneful of voices. i am amazed at how resilient some plants can be. we have made new raised beds and yet still, after piling tons of soil on top of them new bulbs have somehow made it to the surface. the mild weather today inspired me to get the camera out. i just love all the patterns you find in the garden, and the small splashes of colour in an otherwise wintery pallete.

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Fairy Grandmother said...

Hi there sisters and your 'two wee wonderfuls' - Fairy Grandmother touching base after a week's holidaying in the depths of Suffolk! Caught up with last week's blog as well as this and think that your musings are going to provide me with many a 'light bulb inspiration moment'! Your 'plans in writing' suit me just fine. Keep them rolling sisters!