Sunday, 2 March 2008

for our mother and all mothers everywhere

happy mother's day

it's an amazing thing being a mummy and it makes you appreciate your own mum so much more, as well as all the other mothers that are travelling on this incredible and at times difficult journey. carrying that life inside you for 9 months doesn't begin to prepare you for how responsible you will feel for this tiny creature that needs you so desperately to care for them. like the love, so much bigger than you expected, that you have for your children, it's totally overwhelming. and you never cease to worry over your child's happiness and welfare even when they have long flown the nest. in fact it's a bond that will even surpass death. so thank you mum for always being there for us. for enduring all those sleepless nights. kissing all those scraped knees. still loving us as horrible ungrateful teenagers. we are so thankful for all that you have given and continue to give us, and we are more glad than you could ever know,that you, are our mum. i only hope we can do as good a job as you in our lives as mummys.

before you were conceived i wanted you
before you were born i loved you
before you were here an hour i would die for you
this is the miracle of life

maureen hawkins

a baby's thumb is minuscule - but you are firmly under it

charlotte gray

a wise woman, (our mother), said to me once that the pain of childbirth prepares you for the challenge of motherhood. so this begs the question, what is it to be a mother? is it to be cross when one is naughty and to rise early while others sleep? to prepare those endless meals in various forms of puree, progressing finally to the end result - a combination of chews and stews? i think so!! we live with the constant rivers of snot and muddy hand marks, and will live your dreams and disappointments. to be a mother is to be selfless. to always be there and to forget about your own dirty washing and do someone else's. let's face it, what's a dirty jumper between friends? and they, the little ones, won't even notice. so thank you mum and mums everywhere for going through all of this for us, and showing us the way forward. so now it's mother's day ironically take a step back, relax and let someone else do it for a change.


Fairy Grandmother said...

Bravo! And so say all of us! Read a quote this weekend 'Mothers are instinctive philosophers'(Harriet Beecher Stowe). Think you two sisters are proving this - keep up the blog!

Anonymous said...

mothers day i wanted to leave a response to this item ;such lovely young women ,it made tears come to my eyes . how great to be their mother or mother in law . sometimes i feel at one with all the woman of the world we all feel the same pain and joy.Close to the earth and the savage laws of nature ,Close to the mystery,knowledge, and wisdom. We all cry the same tears . It s magic to be a mum OK dads you too x