Friday, 28 March 2008

the art of giving

so the wedding was perfect, really lovely and in such a beautiful setting. a stunning castle. we even had snow which made it even more romantic. our friends planned the whole event meticulously down to the last detail. and the groom wrote the guests names on eggcups filled with chocolate easter eggs, for the tables. a very sweet touch. it was so great to see two old friends get married to each other and the ceremony and speeches were so heartfelt and emotional. j was best man and did a fine job! i'm sure everyone felt the specialness of the day.

i decided to make the happy couple an envelope cushion cover in the end. something to throw on their bed, was the idea. i finished it in the nick of time so didn't manage to take any decent photos, silly me. it had some child like writing embroidered onto the front along with a heart made from the same fabric i used on the back. the writing was a line from a song by an artist they both like. Bruce Springsteen. i must admit i felt really shy and nervous when we gave it to them. it's probably the first gift i've made for about 15 years and i thought making it was the hard part and giving it would be the easy bit, so feeling that way surprised me. i did really enjoy the creating process though, and was pretty pleased with how the cushion turned out. i do hope they like it!


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Fairy Grandmother said...

Hearing about and sharing some of that 'fairytale wedding' in that 'fairytale setting' warmed the cockles of a fairygrandmother's heart! A handmade gift is so special because it necessarily involves the giving of oneself and that creates a certain diffidence in the giver. The happy Bridal Couple will treasure it always.