Sunday, 16 March 2008

making beautiful frog sporn

the garden is really coming along as is the studio that stick is building. we are so lucky to have this green space for our little one to explore. it's such a joy watching him discover all the secrets this garden has to offer, and watching him as he experiences his take on the world around him. with this in mind we have finally, after much deliberation decided to keep the small pond in the corner. the educational benefits appear to out weigh the potential safety issues. after all, where these days do children get to witness the froggy hug first hand?

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Fairy Grandmother said...

Whilst spending quality time with one wee wonderful the other has been celebrating a birthday! Many happy returns! How time flies the older we get but how lovely that for our wee wonderfuls time is still deliciously leisurely! Their eyes are feasting on the delights of a beautifully unfolding Springtime frog hugs and all!